North Renton

We're awesome! We have an airport!

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Spring Message From the President

George Daniels


We have our spring meeting coming up Thursday April 22nd. Location will be the second floor of the Renton Senior Center. Social half hour will begin 6:30 PM. Hope you can attend.


There are a lot of considerations for our neighborhood as the City continues to expand. How will the Landing continue to impact our neighborhood? Where does North Renton fit into the City’s master 20 year zoning plan?


Will we stay primarily a residential neighborhood or become more urban in feel and look and density?

How will traffic flow impact our neighborhood as 405 expands?

It is important for us to come together and get to know each other and learn how to improve our neighborhood in ways which are important to us.


Happy spring. Looking forward to seeing you at the meeting.


George Daniels