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City Center Plan to Be Submitted to City Council

The City of Renton is prepared to act on the City Center Plan - a copy of the plan is here on the website as the 2011 version. 

Dear Interested Party,
Please find attached a draft of the City Center Community Planning Plan.  This document brings together Phase I and Phase II of this planning initiative.  Phase I established the goals and objectives, as identified by residents, business owners/operators, and other stakeholders, for improving the City Center over the next 20 years.  Phase II lays out the implementation strategy needed to accomplish the goals and objectives. 
We are very excited about this plan!  It is the result of a terrific effort by people such as you to participate and contribute to the development of a plan that works to ensure the City Center continues to be a wonderful place to live, work, and visit, but also will help make the City Center an even more vibrant and wonderful place to be.  A public hearing regarding the City Center Plan will be held at the June 6th City Council meeting.  Please come join us and be part of this important decision shaping the future of the City Center.
Thank you,
Angie Mathias
Associate Planner
City of Renton

North Renton Picnic Coming Up

The date has been set for Thursday August 18th

City Center Plan


City Center Plan files and survey are now available - we added a section to the website for information about the City's plans for North Renton. Check out the menu on the left side of the website - we'll post more information as we get it.